Toniic Year End Evaluation 2016

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Welcome to the Toniic End of Year Evaluation for 2016. We request your valuable collaboration to make Toniic even better through completion of this survey by December 15, 2016. This evaluation focuses on the three pillars of Toniic membership including Experiential Education, Global Community & Leadership, and Investment in Action. Please answer the brief questions below to help us:
  • Bring collective feedback back to our community 
  • Improve our value and offerings by the team and for each other within the community
  • Offer valuable data in aggregate to the public in an impact report about Toniic in 2015 and 2016
Many thanks in advance!

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PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExcellent

How do you rate the following Toniic products and services?

Select "N/A" if you have not yet used the product or service
PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExcellentN/A

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One of the three pillars of the Toniic community is experiential education through peer-to-peer learning, webinars, working groups, in-person trainings, and reports. How do you rate Toniic in delivering experiential education? 
Select N/A if you have not yet engaged with Toniic experiential education activities
PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExcellentN/A

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One of the three pillars of Toniic is the global community and leadership represented in our Annual Global Gathering, through the Toniic Lounge, and at 40+ events per year. How do you rate Toniic's global community and leadership activities?
Select N/A if you have not yet engaged with Toniic global community and leadership.
PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExcellentN/A
Not ImportantImportantExtremely ImportantN/A (not yet built Toniic relationships)

One of the three pillars of Toniic is "Investment in Action" through curated deal flow, peer vetted opportunities, pitches, tailored member meetings, deal analyst 1:1s, Lounge group posts, and custom emails. How do you rate Toniic in supporting "Investment in Action"?
Select N/A if you have not yet engaged with Toniic Investment in Action
PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExcellentN/A

How important is it that Toniic provides access to impact investments that are:
Not At All ImportantImportantExtremely Important

How valuable is Toniic's current list of investments to your Toniic membership?
Select N/A if you have not yet had experience with Toniic's investment platform.
Not ValuableValuableExtremely ValuableN/A
How do you rate the following "Investment in Action" products, services and activities:
Select N/A if you have not yet had experience with a particular product, service or activity.
PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExcellentN/A
We would like to make some significant changes to help catalyze investments to action in Toniic. Which approach best supports your investing practice? 
Please rank your choices: "1" for top choice; "4" for least favorite option
Only Toniic Member led or invested opportunities (less quantity of investments, more cooperation) 
Feature both member led and non-member led investment opportunities (labeled accordingly)
Expand investment outreach to showcase more diverse sets of geographies and themes (more quantity of investments)
A common platform shared with other impact investing networks (more co-investors)

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How do you rate your contribution to the three pillars of Toniic membership?
Include your team's efforts if applicable. Select N/A (non-applicable) if you feel you have not had enough time with Toniic to contribute.
PoorBelow AverageAverageAbove AverageExcellentN/A

To better understand our aggregate impact as a community, it is essential that we survey members to gather investment data (the survey is short). If you have not already reported your investments over the past 12 months, please include investments from November 2015 onwards in this survey here by November 30. 
If you are unsure if you have completed this deals done survey yet, please email

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