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Toniic joins four other organizations in signing the “Coalition for Impact” Memorandum of Understanding


Toniic is a proud partner of the AVPN Conference 2019 – the largest gathering of social investors in Asia!

Toniic Institute Announces New Managing Director, EMEA

Kanini Mutooni joins Toniic as the new Managing Director, EMEA   LONDON – Toniic Institute, the global action community for impact investors, welcomes Kanini Mutooni as its new Managing Director for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. “The Toniic team and Board were impressed by Kanini’s record of success, international outlook and expertise, depth of management experience across […]

Introducing the Impact Terms Project (“ITP”)

The Impact Terms Project Toniic is proud to announce the Impact Terms Project (“ITP”, accessible at, a free and publicly accessible resource that offers practical guidance to investors, entrepreneurs, and intermediaries seeking to generate social and environmental impact while achieving financial returns. ITP provides example investment contract provisions (“terms”) for impact investments, sample term […]

Podcasts from Toniic’s Reversing the Tide Event

This summer, Toniic members from both North America and Europe met in Victoria, Canada to hear from leading companies focused on solutions for restoring the health and sustainability of our oceans. We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to hear from each of these companies yourself. We hope that they inspire you to take action with your own investments!

Newest T100 Report: Investors Accelerate Toward 100% Impact

T100: Powered Ascent is the second report in Toniic’s longitudinal study of portfolios in the 100% Impact Network. The report compiles data and perspectives from 76 private portfolios adding up to $2.8 billion in committed capital. That’s a nearly 50% increase in participation compared with the 2016 Launch report.

Putting “Impact” at the Center of Impact Investing: A Case Study of Toniic’s T100 Project

Toniic is pleased to share this new case study by The Rockefeller Foundation which shows how our T100 Project is providing valuable data to the field of impact investing, facilitating alignment of impact themes with Sustainable Development Goals and deepening our member’s impact management!

Toniic Institute and The Center For Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth At University Of Zurich Announce Research Collaboration

Toniic Institute, the global action community for impact investors, and the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth (CSP) at the University of Zurich, announce today the launch of a partnership to facilitate the study of the investment behavior and motivations of private impact investors.

200 Additional Impact Investments Uploaded to Toniic Directory

Toniic announces the upload of more than 200 investments sourced by the ImpactAssets’ Giving Fund, as well as the upload of 10 Impact Investor Personal Journey Stories & Videos to the Toniic T100 Project web page.

Toniic Institute Announces New CFO

SAN FRANCISCO – Toniic Institute, the global action community for impact investors, announced today the appointment of Emilie Cortes, CFA, CAIA, as its new Chief Financial Officer.

Toniic Becomes Inaugural Member of US Impact Investing Alliance Advisory Council

Toniic is pleased to share the news that we are an inaugural member of the U.S. Impact Investing Alliance Industry Advisory Council (IAC)! The U.S. Impact Investing Alliance is a field building organisation committed to raising awareness of impact investing in the U.S., fostering deployment of impact capital, and working with stakeholders to help build the impact investing ecosystem. We are delighted to be part of this new vehicle for advancing our policy goals with other impact investing networks including Confluence Philanthropy, the GIIN, the ImPact, Intentional Endowments Network, Investors’ Circle, Mission Investors Exchange, and US SIF.

Latest T100 Report & Podcasts: Insights from impact advisors & consultants

The latest T100 report features insights from 37 impact advisors and consultants. Accompanying the release of this report is the launch of our Advisor Podcast series which includes interviews of five advisors who are supporting Toniic members.

Toniic releases list of advisors & intermediaries who help investors move towards achieving 100% impact portfolios

Toniic has seen demand from investors who want to learn more about impact advisors and intermediaries in the market to help them move towards achieving 100% impact in their portfolios.  To meet this demand, we published our list of participating advisors and intermediaries from our 2016 Toniic Impact Advisor Survey.

Toniic Webinar Series: Measuring Impact Across Asset Classes: Private Equities

Presented here is the second installment in our Impact Management Webinar Series. It provides an overview of how the impact of private equities is currently measured and managed.

Toniic’s T100 Launch Report: A multi-year study

Toniic released today it’s first report “T100: Launch – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing” in a longitudinal study of impact investing portfolios of Toniic members, starting with 51 portfolios. The data analyzed reveals that 100% values alignment can be achieved today in the investment portfolios of high net worth individuals, foundations, and family offices, including those portfolios seeking market-rate returns.

Toniic Releases Venture Philanthropists & Impact Investors Report

In this report, we share a number of examples of how venture philanthropists and impact investors are working together to fund early-stage impact enterprises around the world.. Read more and download report

Toniic Releases Millennials & Impact Investment Report

The Millennials & Impact Investment report goes straight to the source offering interviews and insights from millennials engaged in impact investing  – from exploration through to execution. Read more and download report

Toniic Institute Announces New CEO

Adam Bendell, former CEO of Strategic Discovery and CINO of FTI Consulting, named to lead Toniic Institute SAN FRANCISCO – The Toniic Institute, a non-profit global organization of impact investors, announced today its selection of Adam S. Bendell as the next chief executive officer, commencing … Read more

Eyes on the Horizon: The Impact Investor Survey

This survey captures data and market perspectives from 146 impact investors. As in previous years, J.P. Morgan and GIIN focused on investing organizations from foundations to financial institutions and did not include individual investors. To ensure that survey participants have meaningful experience in making and managing impact investments, we set a criterion for participation such that only respondents that either manage […]

Fossil Fuel Divestment Pledges Surpass $2.6 Trillion

More than 400 institutions and 2,000 individuals representing $2.6 trillion in assets have committed to divest from fossil fuel companies. The divestment movement has grown exponentially since Climate Week last year, when Arabella Advisors reported that 181 institutions and 656 individuals representing over $50 billion in assets had committed to divest. At that time, divestment […]

Introducing the Impact Investing Benchmark

Cambridge Associates and the Global Impact Investing Network have collaborated to launch the Impact Investing Benchmark, the first comprehensive analysis of the financial performance of market rate private equity and venture capital impact investing funds. While the impact investing industry is in an early stage of development, it is poised for growth. One of the […]

Merrill Lynch Says Money is the Root of All Good, Creates Sustainable Impact Portfolios

What if I told you that you’re more powerful than you think, and that you likely have an untapped powerful resource to create social impact?

Global green bond market touched $37 billion in 2014: Moody’s

India is looking to raise these low-cost and long-term funds to help finance its plan to quadruple its renewable energy production and to make it economically viable.

Foundations’ Impact Investing Largely Talk, Study Finds

Foundation leaders see their main fiduciary responsibility as maximizing financial returns

GIIN Releases Legal Brief on Impact Investing Private Equity Funds

A valuable ready reference that outlines legal issues for investors and advisors to consider when investing in impact investing funds.

GIIN Publishes Landscape Report on South Asia

The most comprehensive study of impact investment activity in South Asia to date, the full report includes a chapter for each of the six countries studied—Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

ImpactBase Snapshot Report

ImpactBase Snapshot is a comprehensive analysis of the more than 300 funds on ImpactBase.

Better Ventures Startup School

Are you a technology startup solving a big and important problem?

Toniic Announces Support from Omidyar Network

Toniic is pleased to announce the financial support of philanthropic investment firm Omidyar Network.

BNP Paribas Grand Prix de la Philanthropie Individuelle: KL Felicitas

Charly and Lisa Kleissner received this year’s Grand Prix Prize in Philanthropy by BNP Paribas for their global work in impact investing.

Next Billion: Interview with Stephanie Cohn Rupp

An interview with Stephanie Cohn Rupp, CEO of Toniic

Sonen Capital’s 2013 Annual Impact Report

Impact Investing in Public Markets: Methodology, Analysis, and Thought Leadership

J.P. Morgan’s Spotlight on the Market: The Impact Investor Survey

New J.P. Morgan & GIIN Survey Indicates Higher Impact Investment Commitments, Investor Satisfaction

Foundations for Social Impact Bonds by Social Finance

How and Why Philanthropy Is Catalyzing the Development of a New Market

Towards 100 Percent Impact: Do You PYMWYMIC?

How can you align your intentions with actions?

Announcing the release of the Spanish version of toniic’s acclaimed E-Guide to Early-Stage Impact Investing

Impact investing in early-stage enterprises, although challenging, can be extremely rewarding and potentially provide both financial and social or environmental returns. It allows investors to improve the lives of the poor or vulnerable—locally and globally—while providing a return on capital. Yet few comprehensive guides exist for investors. To help navigate this opportunity, the Toniic Institute—in […]

Crowdfunding for Impact in Europe and the USA

This report has been prepared by the Toniic Institute in partnership with the European Crowdfunding Network. It seeks to frame the opportunity for cooperation between impact investing and the equity and debt crowdfunding sectors in the US and Europe. Although many research papers focus on crowdfunding or impact investing, very few explore how crowdfunding can […]

Creating a Better Future Through Transparency

By Lisa Kleissner for the Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog We need more investors to share their impact performance data. Stuck in traffic recently, I had time to check out the bumper sticker on the car ahead of me. Although faded by the sun, the message stood out: “The best way to predict the future […]

Evolution of an Impact Portfolio: From Implementation to Results

Sonen Capital, a leading Social & Environmental impact investment firm, in collaboration with the KL Felicitas Foundation (KLF), announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind report detailing the financial performance of an impact investing portfolio. The report, titledEvolution of an Impact Portfolio: From Implementation to Resultsdemonstrates to investors that impact investments can compete with, and at […]

Impact Investing in West Africa

Impact Investing in West Africa, a report written by Dalberg Global Development Advisors and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, is the first comprehensive analysis ever conducted on the impact investing industry in West Africa. The report aims to: map the landscape of impact investing supply and demand in West Africa; identify the substantive challenges that […]

Why Translation is a Key Tenet of Natural Capitalism

Natural capitalists and financial capitalists don’t often come face to face, but theWorld Forum on Natural Capital will bring these two groups together. Of course, some are members of both communities. What will happen? But let’s assume that the natural capitalists have a shared mission to accelerate corporate behavior change to create an economy that runs […]

J.P.Morgan Social Finance Providing Financial Services For Impact Investments

Forbes Asia interviewed Amy Bell, Head of Principal Investments for J.P. Morgan Social Finance, which provides financial services to the growing market for impact investments, meaning those investments made with intent to generate impact alongside a financial return. She has overseen the group’s principal investment portfolio, which seeks to earn a reasonable rate of return […]