Toniic is proud to announce the newest member of the Toniic Board: Alison Fort!

A message from Toniic CEO, Adam Bendell:

“Alison recently moved on from her role as Toniic Managing Director, EMEA to accept a new position as Impact Partner in the Katapult Fund founded by Toniic members Tharald Nustad and Anders Lier. Alison will be leading the implementation and management of the impact focus of the Fund and supporting the wider Katapult Group with its impact strategy.

We invited Alison to the join the Board for many reasons: her deep knowledge of and passion for Toniic, her intimate knowledge of the European impact investing scene, her fiscal discipline, her willingness to play an ongoing role in assuring the success her successor Kanini Mutooni, her understanding of Toniic Board expectations that a Director bring “their whole self” to the table, and her level headed decisionmaking. And her gender is a definite plus!

Since Alison joined Toniic in 2015, the European membership grew by 400%, a strong Affiliate group in Israel was formed, and the profile of Toniic was raised in the region. Alison was also Toniic acting CEO from December 2015 to July 2016 and led the writing of Toniic’s Millennials & Impact Investment report and co-authored the Toniic Venture Philanthropists and Impact Investors report.

Prior to her role at Toniic, Alison had over a decade of experience in corporate finance and social finance. She joined Toniic after having led business development at the Social Stock Exchange in London. Alison was part of the team that launched the Social Stock Exchange in 2013 and was responsible for corporate member acquisition and relationship management. She developed the SSE community of investors; working with institutions, family offices, private banks and the retail investor.

Alison started her career in the Corporate Advisory team at Deutsche Bank and prior to joining the Social Stock Exchange, she was one of the founders of Four Elements Capital: a corporate finance advisory business working with entrepreneurs in environmental and social impact sectors. Alison holds a B.Sc. in Management (Accounting & Finance) from UMIST, Manchester University. She lives outside London with her husband, daughter, and son.

We are thrilled to have Alison bringing her passion for impact investing and her deep understanding of the ever-growing Toniic global membership to her role as Toniic Board Director.”