The Portfolio Approach

What is the portfolio approach to impact investing?

Impact investing is an investment approach that can span all asset classes.

Many of our members are moving beyond the ‘Modern Portfolio Theory’ and are re-envisioned their portfolio approach as a ‘Total Portfolio Theory’


The 100% IMPACT Network have started a Sample Portfolio Working Group to document multiple 100% portfolios, showing asset allocation, impact themes, and financial performance.

More than 55 Asset Owners are participating in the 100% Impact Network, and more than 40 are part of the Sample Portfolio working group. Over a dozen asset owners are actively using a proprietary Toniic template to document their portfolios. Toniic will publish aggregated sample 100%IMPACT portfolios illustrating how a portfolio approach can deliver both financial return and social/environmental impact.

Portfolio Questions

  • How do you express major impact themes across asset classes (e.g., climate change, holistic sustainability, poverty alleviation)?
  • How do you make investing in public equities more impactful?
  • How do you meaningfully invest in commodities and real assets? Can we create products?
  • What alternative investments are out there? Can we create products?
  • What are the financial return expectations across asset classes? What are the impact expectations? Do we need to re-define risk?

Please visit 100% IMPACT Network page for more information.