The T100 Project is a multi-year study of the portfolios of over 50 Toniic 100% Impact Network members. The latest T100 report releases include:

T100: Powered Ascent – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing 2018

Released in May 2018

In this report, Toniic provides evidence that investors are going farther, faster and deeper into impact, while meeting their targeted financial and impact returns. 100% impact portfolios are getting easier to build, the pioneers behind them are accelerating their shift to deeper impact, and investors are meeting their goals for both financial and impact returns… Read more

T100: Insights from Impact Advisors and Consultants 2017

Released in June 2017

In this new report, 37 impact advisors and consultants from 12 countries, partnering with 38 of Toniic’s 100% Impact Network members, open the door to their impact practices to demystify, inspire and activate both investors and the financial services industry… Read more

T100: Launch – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing 2016

Released in December 2016

The T100: Launch – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing makes public for the first time the aggregated portfolios of more than 50 investors, ranging in size from less than $2 million to more than $100 million, successfully targeting and achieving both impact and financial returns across the same asset classes available to traditional investors… Read more

  • T100 – Portfolio Report Update 2017
  • T100 – Insights on Impact Management 

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