Impact Investor Videos

In efforts to help broaden the field of impact investing, the Toniic Institute shares collective member experiences, expert knowledge and inspiring individual stories. Below are personal journey videos of Toniic members on their path to invest 100% of their investible assets towards impact. Find more materials and tools on our T100 Research Project page as well as further insights embedded into our guides, reports and interviews here.

Integral Investing: Better solutions to change the paradigm

“For us it’s more [about] integrating who we really are”

Mariana Bozesan
Co-Founder, AQAL Group

Building Communities through Investing

“We can take a conventional asset like multifamily real estate and fuse it with intention…”

Gino Borges 
Partner and Director of Impact, OpenPath Investments

Overcoming Challenges

“When you start to explore how your money can bring deeper meaning, then you start on an extraordinary journey of adventure.”

James Perry 
CEO, Panahpur

Setting out on an impact journey

“My plans for the next year is to engage even more with investing in the circular economy.”

Ditte Lysgaard Vind 
CEO & Advisor, The Circular Way


“I only want to spend time on things that are systemic and can scale in a massive way.”

Yosef Abramowitz 
CEO & President, Energiya Global Capital

Impact by all means

“I really loved investing and saw the power of business, but wasn’t really inspired by the impact that business had.”

François de Borchgrave 
Founder & Director, Kois Invest

Flipping the paradigm

“If we think about our endowments and our investment strategy as the primary engine of social change…”

– Ruth Shaber
Founder, Tara Health Foundation

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