Toniic T100: Launch Report & Toniic Diirectory Release


Toniic Diirectory Provides Searchable Catalog of 1,000+ Impact Investments


San Francisco, CA – Toniic Institute, the global action community for impact investors, today released T100: Launch – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing, in a presentation at the GIIN Investor Forum 2016 in Amsterdam. It is the first report in a longitudinal study of impact investing portfolios of Toniic members, starting with 51 portfolios. The data analyzed reveals that 100% values alignment can be achieved today in the investment portfolios of high net worth individuals, foundations, and family offices, including those portfolios seeking market-rate returns.


The inaugural T100 report relies on private portfolio data shared by Toniic 100% Impact Network members, ranging in size from less than US$2 million to more than $100 million, with combined capital of more than $1.65 billion. The T100: Launch report is available for download at


As part of the T100 project, Toniic also announced the launch of the Toniic Diirectory, a publicly accessible, peer-sourced catalog of more than 1,000 impact investments made by its members, upon which the T100 findings are based.  The directory is searchable by impact categories, impact themes, asset classes, management structure, liquidity profile, and impact geography, and is available for review at


The T100: Launch report offers insights from the frontier of impact investing – from those investors who have committed to go “all in” to impact-alignment across all asset classes in a diversified portfolio. It reaches the following conclusions:

  • 100% alignment of one’s investment capital and values is possible today. 
  • Alignment is for everyone. Geography is no barrier, nor are particular causes or themes.
  • Investors have found investments they consider impactful across all asset classes.
  • Measurable impact can be generated by a wide range of portfolio asset sizes, liquidity objectives, and investor types while also achieving market-based financial returns.
  • On average the portfolios are 64% deployed with impact and 33% have already reached 90% or greater impact.

“As a trusted third party, we can aggregate information through the T100 Project, and help investors learn from what’s happening on the frontier of impact investing,” said Toniic CEO Adam Bendell. “With these initial findings, the T100 Launch report begins to unravel certain myths about the potential for impact investing. We see now that impact returns can come alongside financial returns, and that one can achieve positive impact in virtually every asset class, not just in early stage private equity.”


The T100: Launch report is the first in an upcoming series of reports to be issued by Toniic as part of the T100 project, based on data drawn from the increasing scope of the Toniic Diirectory. This will provide a newfound perspective into the efficacy of value-aligned impact investments in yielding positive financial returns alongside targeted positive impact.


To contribute to the Toniic Diirectory, investors will be able to utilize the accompanying Toniic Impact Portfolio Tool, which enables them to see relationships between asset classes and impact in their own portfolio of investments, and contribute to the demonstrative power of sharing actual investments in the Diirectory.


Over time, the Diirectory will grow with new investment data, serving as a living resource for impact investors. Significant industry players, including the Tides Foundation and ImpactAssets, have already agreed to add their investment information into upcoming versions of the Diirectory.


“This report and its underlying data is the starting point of a multi-year longitudinal study to follow 100 portfolios over multiple years,” said Dr. Charly Kleissner, co-founder of Toniic and the 100% Impact Network. “We believe the results of these efforts will make an important contribution to developing the new financial system, a system that will have positive impact at its core.”


About Toniic and T100


Toniic is the global action community for impact investors. Toniic’s 160 members represent more than 360 impact investors from 22 countries who share a vision of a global financial system creating positive social and environmental impact. Toniic’s mission is to empower impact investors.


More than half of Toniic members are also members of the Toniic 100% Impact Network, each of whom have committed to move an entire investment portfolio from less than $2 million to more than $300 million into 100% impact investments. This represents a total commitment of close to $4 billion.


The T100 Project is a longitudinal study of the portfolios of some of those investors. It reveals new insights about the various paths towards and feasibility of 100% impact investing. The T100 project includes periodic reports, issue briefs, videos and podcasts, and the Toniic Diirectory, a peer-sourced directory of over 1,000 impact investments across all asset classes. For more information, visit or write us at