Drs. Veerle Berbers, Principal, Berbers Impact

Veerle brings thirty years of experience in investor relations, business development, marketing, media relations and communications to private and institutional investors and financial services firms, with impact and networks being common themes through all of it.

With a BA and MA in Psychology /Andragology from the RijksUniversiteit Groningen, Veerle began her career in New York City at Technimetrics, the first global investor relations information company. as the Director of International Research. While there she obtained a certification as a financial analyst at New York University and became a Senior Vice-President, a shareholder and board member. Veerle then brought the firm to Paris and London to expand operations to Europe with Sales and Consultancy in all major European countries. After the firm was sold, Veerle started to invest in micro-finance. Ignited to discover after a few years, that this Impact investment was doing financially better than her other more traditional investments.

Since then Veerle has become an active member of impact investing communities like Pymwymic (Put your money where your mouth is community), before joining Toniic as one of the first European members. In the course of time she discovered more impact investing opportunities and made it her life-mission to spread the word about the benefits of ethical, sustainable and impact investing, to activate both private and institutional capital to commit to investing for impact.

Veerle has been an active impact investing consultant to various organisations, including Triodos Investment Management and several impact funds and organisations.

As her family investments grew in the direction of 100% impact, Veerle started to advocate impact investing publicly. Her portfolio is published in Catalyzing Wealth for Change – Guide to Impact Investing. In June 2018 she and her partner presented their family total investment portfolio to the Toniic community at the Berlin European gathering.

Veerle sits on the Board of the Alphamundi Bastion Fund, the second best rated GIIRS-fund, which provides debt to social enterprises in East-Africa and in the North of Latin America.

Veerle is married to a Dutch mechanical engineer, entrepreneur in solar, who is on the board of several renewable energy businesses and platforms. They have two daughters and live in Amsterdam committed to impact and sustainability.