member working groups 

100% Impact Network Sample Portfolio Working Group
Led by Charly Kleissner, Toniic Board member and seasoned investor, this group of 100%ers are mapping their impact portfolios to enable the capture of single, double and triple digit million dollar portfolio strategies that can be shared within the network and beyond.

Exits Working Group
Led by John Kohler, Toniic board member and seasoned investor, this group explores exit strategies that can be baked in starting with the structuring of the term sheet. Exits that are designed to ensure the impact is preserved is observed through the lens of active investments shared by members.

Democratization Working Group
Led by Bruce Campbell, this group is exploring the evolving landscape of product available to non-accredited investors. This is a great fit for investors who have challenges meeting minimums but who want to keep their finger on the pulse of right sized dealflow.

Millennials Working Group
Led by Stephanie Cordes, this group is made up of millennial impact investors who engage in peer-to-peer learning, share deal flow and due diligence, and create a strong community of like-minded millennials who support one another.