Toniic Members

Members are located all over the world and represent some of the most active and cutting edge impact investors. We also welcome new impact investors seeking an infrastructure and community to accelerate access and learning.

Global Members representing:

  • 360+ active impact investors located in US, UK, India, South Africa, Mexico, Israel, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and more
  • HNIs, UHNIs, Family Offices, Foundations, Institutions
  • $4.5 billion in assets
    • Members are looking to deploy more
    • Many members have committed all assets to impact investing with a portfolio approach

By bringing together the movement’s best minds through a global network, Toniic members build trust and community while maximizing our impact. We leverage a combination of face-to-face gatherings, video conferencing and online platform to maintain an intimate, yet global setting. We organize managed working groups, thematic events (water, women, health) and hold worldwide meetings in unique locations with our global community. Over 40 annual global events take place in London, Brussels, Monaco, Paris, San Francisco, Vancouver, Singapore, Mexico, Sao Paulo, Mumbai and Hong Kong.

Toniic members source, share, champion and syndicate global deal flow. We review hundreds of global impact deals per year, and expect volume to grow as our network and the impact field expands. We work to achieve balance between quantity and quality.

Toniic members share due diligence, co-invest and nurture social and environmental enterprises and funds. Our members have broad and deep expertise in various sectors and geographies—by collaborating and sharing their global expertise, they essentially create a virtual venture partnership that leverages their collective knowledge for the benefit of the network.

Our team assists with 100% sample portfolio research and seeks to develop, document, and publish case studies of successful double and triple digit million impact portfolios as well as building a database of investible products across asset class and impact themes.

Toniic members measure impact financially, socially and environmentally with each investment. We collaborate to utilize the IRIS taxonomy and offer GIIRS ratings for select investments. And some of our members are exploring their own proprietary metric methodology.