Toniic members are inspiring, action-oriented, and intrepid. They form an exclusive group dedicated to making the world a better place. Toniic primarily serves as a convening body, creating the environment for our investors/co-creators to do the most impactful work possible.

Joining Toniic means making a serious commitment to action-oriented impact investing.  Members actively engage with their Toniic peers to make the most of our collective time, resources and engagement.  We provide our members with the following services.

Member Benefits:

  • Access to pre-vetted deal flow. Our priority deal flow consists of enterprises and funds that at least one member has already invested in or strongly advocates for.
  • Access to due diligence.  Members can identify others through the network to collaborate on conducting due diligence (either themselves, or by sharing the cost of contracting others) and agree to share due diligence with the full network. Toniic staff helps coordinate this process.
  • Educational opportunities.  Members share all aspects of deals for the purpose of education and the development of best practices. In addition, space is provided in meetings for investors to share “stories from the trenches,” helping others learn through their experiences.
  • Impact Measurement. Utilizing the IRIS taxonomy, Toniic will aggregate, track and share the collective impact of our member’s investments with the broader community.
  • Connections to impact investment service providers. Toniic connects our members to impact oriented investment service providers, such as legal service providers, impact intermediaries, and others.
  • Access to the broader impact investment community. Toniic partners with organizations like GIIN and SEIN providing Toniic members with access to discounted products, services and events aligned with their interests.