Investment funds accounted for more than 40% of the Toniic investments for the past 4 years.

Toniic members are particularly interested in investment funds that actively invest in social enterprises that deliver positive social and/or environmental impact across a variety of sectors.

Why are we doing this
More than half of Toniic’s current membership base is interested in fund opportunities, with over $700 million committed to impact funds across the globe. We seek to catalyze even more capital into impact investing through this offering. Given our global presence, we are also eager to showcase funds as a more diversified sleeve with which to move capital in and out of specific countries and geographies.

What we provide to funds
Toniic will provide high visibility of fund profiles to our accredited investors and qualified purchasers who have certified compliance with the applicable legal requirements. We offer funds:

  • assistance in the creation of a profile on Toniic’s global dealflow platform
  • dedicated email newsletters to our global community of investors
  • venture showcases in person and online
  • dedicated posts in related sector and geography groups on Toniic’s investor social network

As a result, fund opportunities will be visible to a curated group of potential LPs, many of whom have already committed to investing in this asset class and are seeking fund opportunities globally. To learn more about our members, visit our website to see a few of our featured members.


Toniic will provide high visibility to select funds through our deal flow platform, investor social network and dedicated newsletters targeting qualified impact investors. Funds are selected based off an evaluation of the following criteria:

Our key fund criteria

  • High social and/or environmental impact
  • Strong management team
  • Risk mitigation strategy
  • Highly diversified portfolio
  • Differentiating investment theory

Please submit your investor deck and PPM, if you think that your fund would satisfy our criteria, and you are interested to join our global platform.

Within 2 weeks of the submission of your materials, you will receive a response from our analyst team. If there is a clear match, you will be invited to provide a donation to the Toniic Institute, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and create a profile on Toniic’s deal management platform. A minimum donation of $1000 will help to cover expenses and support Toniic research and advocacy in the impact investing field.

Our analyst team will provide you with guidance on how to optimize your fund profile before sharing it with our members. The Toniic team will also include your profile in our dedicated newsletter targeting qualified investors.

Once a profile is live on our platform, Toniic members may reach out to you directly. If multiple members express interest in learning more about the fund, Toniic may request that you present your work in an investor call or meeting.

Please understand that Toniic members see numerous investment opportunities and that Toniic members cannot invest in every deal. In practice, only a percentage of funds will receive funding. The donation does not guarantee any investor will choose to invest or entitle the fund to any direct marketing efforts. Our communication is intended to be structured in accordance with the US legal requirements, which prevents Toniic from providing advice about specific investments or otherwise expressing investment opinions and actively promoting investments. Funds are responsible for complying with any legal requirements in applicable jurisdictions for any transaction eventually consummated with investors introduced through the platform. For these reasons, it is important for fund managers to keep their information on Toniic’s deal management system up to date and as complete as possible. Should your status change in any way, please update Toniic immediately.

Thank you for your interest in the Toniic community.

Legal disclaimer

The choice to use and manner of utilization of information and knowledge gained through Toniic is each investor’s individual choice. Toniic does not recommend or otherwise suggest that any investor invest in any financial product or that any fund manager offer products to a particular investor. Investors should consult an investment, tax and legal professional before deciding to invest in any financial product. No guidance shall be given, nor shall any person or entity affiliated with Toniic, or Toniic itself, be responsible for an individual investor’s use of the information, investment decision, or the results of any investment. Toniic takes no part in the negotiation or execution of transaction for the purchase or sale of financial product, and at no time has possession of funds or financial products. Toniic receives no compensation in connection with the purchase of financial products. Toniic is not a registered broker-dealer or investment adviser and signing onto Toniic’s Gust platform does not guarantee an investment of any form.