François de Borchgrave

I joined Toniic because it allows me to become a more efficient impact investor: reaching more deals, being surrounded by smart and experienced people sharing their perspective, being connected to relevant local resources to support the investment process and making sure there is fun in the process!

Having previously worked for Excite, The Boston Consulting Group’s e-commerce practice, and Belgacom’s small business division, François de Borchgrave completes the trio of Belgian entrepreneurs who founded Smarterwork in 1999. Meeting co-founders Bruno Monteyne and Jan van Den Berghe at Harvard, François has been instrumental in setting up Smarterwork’s US operations and in developing strategic partnerships.

François has a background in telecoms and e-commerce with experience gained at Belgacom (Belgium’s national telecoms operator), Excite and The Boston Consulting Group. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School.