Eva Foust Yazhari

I’m a member of Toniic because great business solutions that yield tremendous social change can’t get off the ground without a community of investors committed to funding them. We can be vastly more impactful when we intelligently put our minds, money and hearts together.

Eva Helene Yazhari co-founded Beyond Capital Fund as a way to combine her professional skills and dedication to a socially conscious lifestyle. Throughout her career, Eva has been involved in investment management and business development in both non-profit and corporate settings.

Most recently, Eva spent five years at EnTrust Capital Inc., an asset management firm, as a Vice President focusing on investment due diligence. Eva and her team leverage their professional backgrounds to invest “beyond capital”- ensuring that they are supporting legitimate and viable social businesses and attracting top-tier pro bono resources for social entrepreneurs.

Eva is currently based in Los Angeles, yet is also active in the impact investing community in Switzerland.