Entrepreneur Application

If a Toniic member is not yet invested nor committed to investing in your company at this time, we welcome you to apply for funding if your company: 
  • Already generates measurable social and/or environmental impact
  • Has total revenues of $50K+ excluding grants and generated from multiple customers
  • Has a management team of at least two people
  • Raised capital from investors (who are not part of the team) for an earlier round, or has capital commitments for the open round
  • Seeks investment that can deliver financial returns (no grants)

20 words max.

In your overview you may want to include a brief description of your company, structure, and information about your products and/or services.  500 characters max.

How does the business generate revenues? What is the strategy to build and retain company value (ie. cashflows, profits)?  500 characters max. 

How do you generate social or environmental impact? Who are the beneficiaries? What are your impact targets? 500 characters max.


Funding Needs & Instrument

Please include the currency:

Please include the currency:

Please include the currency:

Please share a link to your investor deck including information about your company:
  • Vision
  • Customer Problem
  • Business Model
  • Target Market & Competitive Landscape
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Management Team Experience
  • Capital Seeking & Use of Funds
  • Proof of Concept, Traction, & Scalability
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Financial History & Projections
  • Social Impact History & Projections

ie. Link to your deck within your DropBox, GoogleDrive, Website, Docsend,etc

ie. Link to your financial model within your DropBox, GoogleDrive, Website, Docsend,etc