Support Toniic’s Work to Build the Field of Impact Investing

Toniic Institute and its members are working collectively to fundamentally change the global financial system so that it considers the social and environmental impacts of investments, not just by divesting from negative companies, but also by amplifying investment in companies that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

How Does Toniic Achieve Change?

In addition to supporting our members on their impact investing journeys, Toniic builds the field of impact investing through select strategic projects that provide publicly-available resources.

T100 is a longitudinal study of portfolios targeting 100% impact. By sharing their portfolio and answering a survey, participating members receive a detailed impact analysis report for that portfolio. Toniic interviews members, anonymizes and aggregates that data, and writes periodic reports documenting the journey of these bold members. Toniic shares the anonymized data with a consortium of academic researchers led by the University of Zurich, to facilitate academic research based on actual impact investing data. T100 reports and tools are freely available to the public.

Impact Terms Project (ITP)
The Impact Terms Project ( collates and curates innovative impact deal terms from around the world. The goal is to facilitate the deployment of capital into impact by speeding the adoption of innovations in early-stage impact investing, connecting investors to skilled practitioners and advisors, lowering transaction costs, and building community for those innovators. The Impact Terms Project is freely available to the public.

Impact Investing Advocacy
In addition to these specific programs, Toniic and its members advocate for impact investing as a superior approach to investing – superior for investors, companies, social entrepreneurs, customers, and the planet.

Why Are We Fundraising?
Members pay annual dues for the services Toniic provides them. Our public field-building work is philanthropically supported by forward-thinking foundations and by contributions from Toniic members and nonmembers who are motivated not only to shift their own investing but also to change how the world invests.

We invite you to join us in this important work by making a donation to support our field-building efforts. We empower the investor community to think with their “impact hat” and reallocate assets to more impactful investments across a spectrum of themes and regions around the world.

Join us now and receive a limited-edition Toniic hat. We are grateful for all support, but if you make a donation of $100 or more, we’d like to thank you by sending you a gift in the mail.

You Decide. We are currently fundraising for all three of our field-building programs.  You can choose to donate to T100, ITP, or provide an unrestricted grant which we may apply to T100, ITP or our general impact investing advocacy.

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