Direct Investment Criteria

Toniic is the global action community for impact investors, and our members include more than 160 high net worth individuals, family offices, foundations and institutional investors.


Toniic serves social entrepreneurs by leveraging our members’ financial and intellectual capital, the way conventional venture capitalists have done to support the growth and development of more conventional entrepreneurs. In doing so, Toniic strengthens the ecosystem through access to investment, professional networks and knowledge amplifying the social entrepreneur’s impact.
Whether you are already connected to the Toniic community or not, we encourage you to closely evaluate the information below and apply if your company meets the one of the two sets of criteria below.

Criteria for Toniic Member Led Companies

If one of your investors is a current Toniic member, or if a Toniic member is currently considering an investment in your company, and you are look for additional funding, please send your investment opportunity deck to and include a description of your current investment relationship with Toniic members in the email body.


Investor deck requirements
In the investor deck, please include information about the following:

  • Vision
  • Customer problem
  • Business model
  • Target market & competitive landscape
  • Competitive advantage
  • Management team experience
  • Capital seeking & use of funds
  • Proof of concept, traction & scalability
  • Go to market strategy
  • Financial history & projections
  • Social impact history & projections

How the process works
Within three weeks, of receiving your application, you should receive a response from one of our Deal Analysts. After reviewing your materials, you will be invited onto Toniic’s global deal flow platform where your company will be available for consideration to all Toniic members for review.


Depending on the expressions of interest received on the platform, you may be invited to present on our bi-monthly investor calls or live at one of Toniic’s quarterly global members meetings.


If one or more Toniic members are interested in exploring an investment opportunity relative to your venture, they will contact you directly. Please understand that Toniic members see numerous investment opportunities and that Toniic members cannot invest in every deal. For that reason, it is important for entrepreneurs to keep their information on Toniic’s platform up to date and as complete as possible. Should your status change in any way, please update Toniic at your earliest convenience.

Criteria Non-Toniic Member Led Companies

If a Toniic member is not yet invested nor committed to investing in your company at this time, we welcome you to apply for funding if your company:

  • Already generates measurable social and/or environmental impact
  • Has total revenues of $50K+ excluding grants and generated from multiple customers
  • Has a management team of at least two people
  • Raised capital from investors (who are not part of the team) for an earlier round, or has capital commitments for the open round
  • Seeks investment that can deliver financial returns (no grants)

Does your company meet all of the criteria above?  If so, please proceed our online entrepreneur application.


How the process works after applying

Within three weeks Toniic analysts will respond to your application. If approved, your company information will be available for consideration on Toniic’s deal management system for members interested in your impact theme and geography.


If a member of Toniic is considering an investment in your company, a member of Toniic staff or the Toniic member will be in touch with you directly.


Please understand that Toniic members see numerous investment opportunities and that Toniic members cannot invest in every deal. Should your fundraising status change in any way, please update Toniic immediately.