toniic is a place for Corporate Venture Capitalists and Corporate Foundations to integrate the global impact investment community.

We have strong evidence that a number of CVCs are already in or wanting to integrate the impact investing space.

Toniic enables Corporates to co-invest alongside other impact investors in deals that meet the corporate’s financial and strategic return criteria, while also aligning with the social or environmental outcome requirements of the impact investors.

This is a relatively new area of collaboration for both corporates and impact investors so this will require open and entrepreneurial teams ready to experiment — and willing to negotiate a value system they can both agree on.

Toniic brought together one of its members, PhiTrust Partenaires, with danone.communities and Schneider Electric for a discussion on corporate engagement in impact investment and to share how they co-invested and collaborated on la Varappe (Schneider Electric) and la Laiterie du Berger (Danone).

Why are corporates making impact investments? Why should corporates invest in social entrepreneurs? Why should corporates collaborate with impact investors and what are the benefits? This is what we wanted to explore by bringing them together earlier this year.

“At the early stage of the company, the experience of the private investor is needed. When the project grows, the experience of the corporate is essential. “ Olivier de Guerre, PhiTrust Partenaires

The attached document is a summary of the discussions that took place:

Enjoy the read and watch this space!

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Learn more about collaboration between impact investors and corporates: coming soon.