Toniic Community Impact Investments in the Last 3 Months

To better understand our aggregate impact as a community, it is essential that we survey members to gather investment data (the survey is short). If you have not already reported your investments, please do so below and include investments from the start of your membership onwards.

We will be reporting back particularly on the last quarter, since January 1, 2016, and use the collective data to contribute to industry research, so your responses are very important! Please note that we will only share aggregate information and not attribute investments to individuals or member organizations.

We would appreciate your responses by Friday, April 15, 2016. Any responses after this date may also be used for future reporting of our community impact. Many thanks for your time!


(if any)

(if any)

Please include currency.

Please share details about the investments made: 
Click "More..." to add more rows and use the checkbox in the last column if the investment is a "Toniic Deal." "Toniic Deals" include investments made by two or more Toniic members, or if the deal was sourced through the Toniic community, platforms, materials, or events. Toniic deals include funds, fund-of-funds, Social Impact Bonds, and direct investments in companies.
InvesteeAmount InvestedClose DateAsset ClassTerms of DealGeographySectorToniic Deal?

Please explain the attributes of these investments that were most important to you.