Crowdfunder helps fund social enterprises, startups and small businesses through a unique blend of 2 powerful crowdfunding models: Investment or Rewards-based crowdfunding. Crowdfunder also uniquely localizes crowdfunding down to the community level with CROWDFUNDx, providing free dedicated online communities for groups, cities and angel groups to empower their membership and syndicate deals to the crowd.

One of our most recent CROWDFUNDx initiatives was CROWDFUNDxImpact for Social Enterprises, which had over 4,000 new community members join online and over 150 social enterprises enter. We created multiple funding outcomes and had over $100M in impact investment capital in attendance at the live pitch event finale for CROWDFUNDxImpact.

Hub Ventures

Hub Ventures is a startup accelerator and seed fund for entrepreneurs building a better world. The program provides seed funding, mentorship & guidance, collaborative workspace, and investor connections to startups developing scalable technology solutions to improve livelihoods and reduce the consumption of resources around the world. Hub Ventures is filling the seed-funding gap for impact startups working in a variety of verticals including job creation, health & wellness, education, collaborative consumption, off-grid energy, and more. We have accelerated 29 companies since 2011, over 60% of which have raised millions in follow-on funding, and over 80% of which are operating today. Hub Ventures is part of the Global Accelerator Network, championed by TechStars, and is backed by an all-star lineup of partners including Good Capital, Hub Bay Area, and Lakeland Ventures Development.