Catalyzing Toniic Investment in Action

Toniic started as an impact angel network mainly focused on early stage direct deals. The field and Toniic have since evolved and we now see more investment in funds and across asset classes, and relatively less investment in early stage direct deals, especially those without a Toniic member already leading.  We are considering changing our focus in response.  Your input in this short survey below will help us better allocate our time and resources to the types of investment opportunities that are of most interest to you today.  To inform our strategy, we need your responses by Monday, November 21st.

Thank you in advance for your input and collaboration!

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investment in action
How important is it for you that Toniic provides access to impact investments that are:
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How would you rate the value of Toniic's current list of investment opportunities to your Toniic membership?
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We are considering changing our deal flow approach. Which approach best supports your investing practice? 
Please rank your choices: 1 for top choice and 5 for least favorite choice.
Feature only Toniic Member led or invested opportunities (less quantity, more collaboration)
Focus on member led rather than non-member led investment opportunities (labeled accordingly)
Expand investment outreach to showcase more diverse sets of geographies and themes (more quantity of investments)
Partner with other platforms to share investment opportunities with other impact investing networks (more co-investors)
Leave the deal flow approach as is