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T100 Report Release: Insights from Impact Advisors and Consultants 2017

TONIIC T100: REPORT OFFERS INSIGHTS FROM 37 IMPACT ADVISORS AND CONSULTANTS WHO ARE TRANSFORMING THE FINANCIAL SERVICE INDUSTRY Berlin, DE and San Francisco, CA – Toniic Institute*, the global action community for impact investors, today released T100: Insights from Impact Advisors and Consultants 2017, at the Berlin Green Investment Summit. This is the second report […]

Toniic T100: Launch Report & Toniic Diirectory Release

TONIIC T100: LAUNCH REPORT OFFERS NEW INSIGHTS FROM THE FRONTIER OF IMPACT INVESTING Toniic Diirectory Provides Searchable Catalog of 1,000+ Impact Investments   San Francisco, CA – Toniic Institute, the global action community for impact investors, today released T100: Launch – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing, in a presentation at the GIIN Investor Forum […]

Toniic’s T100 Launch Report: A multi-year study

Toniic released today it’s first report “T100: Launch – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing” in a longitudinal study of impact investing portfolios of Toniic members, starting with 51 portfolios. The data analyzed reveals that 100% values alignment can be achieved today in the investment portfolios of high net worth individuals, foundations, and family offices, including those portfolios seeking market-rate returns.

A healthy dose of Toniic: Insights on impact investing at SOCAP16

By Alan Pierce   An annual mecca for impact networking and knowledge sharing, Social Capital Markets convenes an impressive array of plenaries, breakout sessions, and speakers. And at this year’s conference, SOCAP16, members of Toniic’s impact investor network held a considerable presence on stage. Over the course of three days and approximately 150 unique panels […]

Toniic Institute Announces New CEO

Adam Bendell, former CEO of Strategic Discovery and CINO of FTI Consulting, named to lead Toniic Institute   SAN FRANCISCO – The Toniic Institute, a nonprofit global organization of impact investors, announced today the selection of Adam S. Bendell as its next chief executive officer, commencing July 1, 2016. Bendell brings entrepreneurial, financial, operational, marketing and […]

Toniic Institute Announces New CEO

Adam Bendell, former CEO of Strategic Discovery and CINO of FTI Consulting, named to lead Toniic Institute SAN FRANCISCO – The Toniic Institute, a non-profit global organization of impact investors, announced today its selection of Adam S. Bendell as the next chief executive officer, commencing … Read more

The Demystification of Early Stage Investing

Seed stage investing is one of the most important phases of the capital aggregation cycle, but it is also one of the most misunderstood phases of funding a business. It is widely regarded as the riskiest investment stage, but also the one offering potentially high returns, along with the huge emotional connection sought by many […]

Women in Impact Investing

There have been many articles and books written about the challenges for women in business and work-life balance – from Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” to Anne Marie Slaughter’s “Why women still can’t have it all.” On the other hand, there is little written specifically about the intersection of women and their leadership roles as socially-responsible […]

Latin American Investment Forum (FLII)

  During the last week of February, I was fortunate to attend the fifth Latin American Investment Forum (it goes by “FLII”, its Spanish Acronym). Over the past five years, this annual gathering in Merida, Yucatan has grown into a premier event in Latin America that seeks to strengthen the ecosystem for social entrepreneurship and […]

Green Bonds: A Fixed-Income Impact Opportunity

February 2, 2015 One of Toniic’s newest members, BNP Paribas recently launched the first World Bank Green Bond linked to an equity index. For the Toniic members who are looking at how to create impact across asset classes, having fixed income socially responsible products such as green bonds is extremely valuable. Toniic co-founders, Charly and Lisa […]

Connecting Supply and Demand for Impactful Jobs

As Millennials are entering the work force, both demand and supply for jobs with social and/or environmental impact has increased tremendously. Similar to consumers who are increasingly seeking out fair trade labels and lead certifications, young job seekers today are screening their prospective employers for value alignment. Moreover, the younger generation is redefining the very […]

Crowdfunding for Impact in Europe and the USA

This report has been prepared by the Toniic Institute in partnership with the European Crowdfunding Network. It seeks to frame the opportunity for cooperation between impact investing and the equity and debt crowdfunding sectors in the US and Europe. Although many research papers focus on crowdfunding or impact investing, very few explore how crowdfunding can […]

Creating a Better Future Through Transparency

By Lisa Kleissner for the Stanford Social Innovation Review Blog We need more investors to share their impact performance data. Stuck in traffic recently, I had time to check out the bumper sticker on the car ahead of me. Although faded by the sun, the message stood out: “The best way to predict the future […]

Evolution of an Impact Portfolio: From Implementation to Results

Sonen Capital, a leading Social & Environmental impact investment firm, in collaboration with the KL Felicitas Foundation (KLF), announced the launch of the first-of-its-kind report detailing the financial performance of an impact investing portfolio. The report, titledEvolution of an Impact Portfolio: From Implementation to Resultsdemonstrates to investors that impact investments can compete with, and at […]

Impact Investing in West Africa

Impact Investing in West Africa, a report written by Dalberg Global Development Advisors and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, is the first comprehensive analysis ever conducted on the impact investing industry in West Africa. The report aims to: map the landscape of impact investing supply and demand in West Africa; identify the substantive challenges that […]

Why Translation is a Key Tenet of Natural Capitalism

Natural capitalists and financial capitalists don’t often come face to face, but theWorld Forum on Natural Capital will bring these two groups together. Of course, some are members of both communities. What will happen? But let’s assume that the natural capitalists have a shared mission to accelerate corporate behavior change to create an economy that runs […]

J.P.Morgan Social Finance Providing Financial Services For Impact Investments

Forbes Asia interviewed Amy Bell, Head of Principal Investments for J.P. Morgan Social Finance, which provides financial services to the growing market for impact investments, meaning those investments made with intent to generate impact alongside a financial return. She has overseen the group’s principal investment portfolio, which seeks to earn a reasonable rate of return […]


Summary: Portapure manufactures and sells water purification products where clean drinking water is inaccessible. This includes remote communities and natural disaster sites. In these situations, Portapure’s products provide clean drinking water for survival. Portapure is the inventor, technology owner, manufacturing mold owner, trademark owner, and copyright holder for all product offerings. Leveraging its patented technology, […]

Waste Capital Partners

Urban India produces a mound of garbage every week that weighs more than twice the Empire State Building. Only half of this is collected and dumped. Little is processed despite municipalities spend half their budget on the issue. Residents are fed up. Waste Capital Partners trains and employs waste pickers to conduct doorstep waste collection […]

Digital Divide Data

Digital Divide Data (DDD) is a social business that creates jobs for talented youth in emerging market countries by delivering high-quality content business process outsourcing (BPO) services to clients. DDD’s social enterprise empowers staff with the skills and experience they need to lift themselves out of poverty. Founded in 2001, DDD develops a strong workforce […]


Copia Global Inc (“Copia”) is a consumer catalog order and delivery system for nonperishable and durable goods serving Base of the Pyramid consumers in the developing world. By making accessible a wide range of consumer goods from thread to sewing machines, from nails to hammers, from matches to solar lights, Copia’s mission is to improve […]


Crowdfunder helps fund social enterprises, startups and small businesses through a unique blend of 2 powerful crowdfunding models: Investment or Rewards-based crowdfunding. Crowdfunder also uniquely localizes crowdfunding down to the community level with CROWDFUNDx, providing free dedicated online communities for groups, cities and angel groups to empower their membership and syndicate deals to the crowd. […]

Hub Ventures

Hub Ventures is a startup accelerator and seed fund for entrepreneurs building a better world. The program provides seed funding, mentorship & guidance, collaborative workspace, and investor connections to startups developing scalable technology solutions to improve livelihoods and reduce the consumption of resources around the world. Hub Ventures is filling the seed-funding gap for impact […]

Niall O’Cathasaigh

Niall is a founder and partner of ManoCap, a private equity fund management company that has been making equity investments in small to mid-cap enterprises in West Africa since 2006. He has lived in Sierra Leone since 2004, initially working as the Financial Controller for GOAL Sierra Leone, and since November 2005 on the development […]

Liesbet Peeters

Liesbet Peeters is a founding partner at D. Capital. She advises foundations, development institutions and private investors on impact investing and innovative finance in emerging markets. She has particular expertise on structuring financing facilities that combine public and private stakeholders in tackling development challenges across multiple sectors. Her experience includes advising a number of health- […]

Aner-Ben Ami

Aner was a Project Leader at the Boston Consulting Group, where he worked with clients in the energy, water and transportation sectors. Aner is an experienced management consultant, with 5+ years of experience developing growth and business development strategies for industry leaders in the water, energy and transportation sectors. Aner holds an MBA with honors […]

Wes Selke

Wes is Founding Director of Hub Ventures, a startup accelerator for entrepreneurs building a better world. Hub Ventures provides seed funding, mentorship, collaborative workspace, and investor connections to startups building scalable technology solutions to improve livelihoods and reduce resource consumption. Wes is also the Investment Manager for Good Capital’s Social Enterprise Expansion Fund, where he […]

Toniic is Hiring: Membership Services Director

Membership Services Director About Toniic Toniic LLC is a global network of action-oriented impact investors, both individuals and institutions. We increase the velocity of money and services into impact investing to address global challenges. Our members commit to discover, evaluate, nurture and invest in entrepreneurs, enterprises and funds that are changing the world for the […]

Nikolaus Hutter

Nikolaus has been leading the European growth and development of Toniic since April of 2012. An investment executive and entrepreneur with close to 15 years international experience, Nikolaus also initiated the first capacity building program for social entrepreneurs in Central and Eastern Europe, together with Social Impact International and the HUB Vienna. Prior, he worked […]

Stephanie Cohn Rupp

Stephanie brings over a decade of experience in global impact investing, impact fund design and implementation, and microfinance, as well as more recently experience in crowd funding. 
Stephanie served as an executive team member of Razoo, a crowd funding platform where she led business development. She spent five years with Omidyar Network, a philanthropic investment […]

François de Borchgrave

I joined Toniic because it allows me to become a more efficient impact investor: reaching more deals, being surrounded by smart and experienced people sharing their perspective, being connected to relevant local resources to support the investment process and making sure there is fun in the process! Having previously worked for Excite, The Boston Consulting […]

Dave Graham

I joined because Toniic members are truly active investors that bring a whole host of investment experience, insight and investments opportunities that are unique and very valuable. Dave Graham is a founding partner at Greenstart, a digital cleantech focused design studio and accelerator and hs been starting, building, and investing in technology startups for more […]

The Trouble With Impact Investing (3-part series)

Studies and surveys point to huge sums poised to flow into impact investment. I find that it’s more useful to watch what people do rather than listen to what they say. And what they’re doing is . . . not that much. Startup for-profit social entrepreneurs have a hard time getting funded at all, while impact investors pile onto a very few […]

Jaipur Rugs

Toniic is a global early stage impact investor network, bringing together visionary investors from the Bay Area to Amsterdam to India and beyond.

Under the Mango Tree

We are building a community of investors, entrepreneurs, funds, incubators, thought-leaders and conveners to solve a critical gap in the social capital marketplace—early stage funding for global social enterprise.

Harold Rosen

The Grassroots Business Fund (GBF) is a member of Toniic because it is an action-oriented community of experienced investors, many of whom share our belief that businesses with operations in emerging markets have the potential to drive economic development and improve local standards of living. Harold Rosen is GBF’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In May 2004, Harold founded […]

Dr. Maximilian Martin

I joined Toniic because I am convinced of the power of networks of trust, where likeminded people come together to do things they could not accomplish alone. To improve the state of the world in ways that matter, we need to make impact the common denominator of our investment and real economy activities. Maximilian Martin […]

Eva Foust Yazhari

I’m a member of Toniic because great business solutions that yield tremendous social change can’t get off the ground without a community of investors committed to funding them. We can be vastly more impactful when we intelligently put our minds, money and hearts together. Eva Helene Yazhari co-founded Beyond Capital Fund as a way to combine […]

Mike Velings

I’m a Toniic member because I believe in the value of a strong and professional network that connects open-minded entrepreneurs and investors. Innovative ideas and solutions come from inspired people that work together with joy, passion and common sense. Mike naturally combines successful entrepreneurship and social and environmental engagement. He is concerned for the planet […]

Taryn Goodman

I am a member of Toniic because I believe that creating a positive impact through investing needs to be a community effort. Taryn Goodman is the Director of Impact Investing at RSF Social Finance, a nonprofit financial institution offering investing, lending, and giving services that support social and spiritual renewal. Inspired by the work of […]