Living An Impactful Life

Toniic members view their investing as one important expression of their impact. At our next annual global gathering we’ll explore together living an impactful life more broadly. At stunning Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler, British Columbia we’ll clarify the impact we intend and sharpen our tools to achieve it. We will dive deep into practical guidance structuring, making and evaluating  highly impactful investments.

We’ll reconnect with old friends and meet new ones who share our intention for a healthy and just planet with dignity for all its inhabitants. Come and deepen your connections with the Toniic global community and stay on to play with us in a warm lodge nestled in a place of breathtaking natural winter beauty.

What do members say about the Toniic AGG?

“I loved the relaxed and open atmosphere, which facilitated many intimate conversations between members. I feel that I’ve walked away with not just learnings but also friendships.”

“The level of engagement was very high, very interactive, open sharing.”

“Very intense conversations with other members, no superficial ‘conference-talks’ but very useful information and mutual advice.”

“I seeded conversations to help me move family money towards impact investing. I have already followed up with two people who will help me think through a transition strategy.”

“What I liked most was the experience of a genuine building of a community and not just a conference.”

2-Step Registration

1) Register below for conference ticket

2) Contact the venue to reserve your accommodations.

(All rooms at the hotel are being held for our group; please contact Nita Lake Lodge directly to book your room.)

Agenda Overview

AGG Core Programming

AGG WEEK – Tuesday, January 30th – Sunday, February 4th

We recommend arriving into Vancouver on Tuesday, January 30th to take advantage of intimate pre-event workshops in members homes in Vancouver on the morning of Jan 31st, and staying in Whistler through Saturday night to enjoy a day with friends in the snow or spa on Saturday, February 3rd!

CORE PROGRAMMING (see Agenda Highlights below for more details)

  • January 31st – Morning Member Events in Vancouver / Afternoon Arrival at Whistler. Gathering commences at 5pm.
  • February 1st – Full day of programming
  • February 2nd – Morning and afternoon programming. Gathering finishes at 3pm.

Extending Your Visit – Answering the Call of the Mountains

Whistler being the winter wonderland it is, we suspect that many of you are already excited to plan winter sport activities before and after the AGG. Check out activities available in Whistler at!

After the end of the AGG, many of us will be staying in Whistler for an informal “stay and play” day with other members on Friday night and on Saturday, February 3rd, departing on Sunday.
Nita Lake Lodge is now sold out on Friday and Saturday night, so we recommend using these links to find other accommodation in Whistler for Friday night onward:

Agenda Highlights

  • PRE-GATHERING EVENTS on the morning of January 31st
    • Workshops
      • “Mini Katapult Future Fest” Tech and Impact Workshop led by Tharald Nustad
      • Women Effect & Gender Lens Investing Workshop led by Suzanne Biegel
    • “Members Lunch” sessions at the homes of Toniic members in Vancouver
      • “Who Is The Master of Your Money?” Led by Talia Arnow and Eric Rassman
        We can all clearly see and acknowledge the role money plays in the world, yet when it comes to ourselves, our relationship with money is often less clear. This session will examine our blind spots to the role money plays in our personal lives and in creating impact. Bring a $100 bill.
      • “How all Capital has Impact: The Marriage of Philanthropy and Impact Investing” Led by David Berge
        Enjoy learning about David’s approach to integrating impact investing and philanthropy and share your own experiences with other members.
  • SHUTTLES FROM VANCOUVER TO WHISTLER on January 31st at around 1:30pm (AGG18 Reception at Nita Lake Lodge at 5pm)
    • Over the past 25 years, Carol Newell has made a life of impact through the success of well-funded and well-connected communities. Carol’s is the story of what can happen when a younger generation, unconstrained by family dynamics, is given free reign to chase a vision with a very long view. Carol’s vision ultimately led her to invest across social business and finance, not for profit, philanthropy, and politics.This is a rare opportunity to engage in an intimate and vulnerable conversation with a pioneer who has played on the edges of what is truly possible for conscious wealth-holders. Carol knows what it’s like to face up to a more-than-skeptical status quo, while believing in countless projects and people that, in the end, do not turn out to be so crazy but are rather the fabric of impact and innovation.  Carol will be joined by her longtime collaborator, Joel Solomon, to exhibit the positive effect that they have had on each other as partners in expressing deep impact through Renewal, The Endswell Foundation, and a host of aligned organizations and communities.
    • “Divest, Invest, Improve? Exploring the full set of environmental solutions for impact investors” – Tania Carnegie, KPMG
    • “What I’m Watching: A Fund Manager’s Look at Opportunities for Environmental Return in Public Equities” – Martin Grosskopf, AGF
    • “Forget Net Zero: Investing in Negative Carbon” – Amrita Vatsal, Ecotrust Forest Management
      • Turning the tide on climate change is the most urgent challenge facing humanity. What we do in the next 50 years will determine the next 10,000 years of life on Earth. Not only do we need to reduce human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, we must rapidly, and massively, draw carbon down from the atmosphere. How? One answer is land use. Hear from leaders on the best technology available for solving global warming: natural systems.
    • “The Future of Work and Impact Investing” – Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, Chief Economist Mastercard Worldwide
      • Technological changes are rapidly reaching an inflexion point where the future of work will be fundamentally re-shaped and re-defined with far-reaching economic, social and political ramifications. The potential of automation and AI and associated technological development is simultaneously positive and negative. It could usher in a new era of prosperity that is widely shared, or a new dark age of polarising inequality and rise of extreme politics. The future is under-determined at this point, critically dependent on what we do today. Social impact investment could play a key role in ensuring a more positive outcome in the context of the future of work. We need to know more in terms of what to do and how to do it.
    • “Indigenous Finance: Re-Building Social Capital to Unlock Opportunities for Impact” – Audrey Selian (Artha/Rianta Capital), and others
      • This session will showcase innovative instruments and recent transactions that are overcoming the financial exclusion of Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous Peoples are too often stereotyped as impoverished and perpetually dependent on government handouts. Such mainstream misperceptions are both a cause and result of Indigenous Peoples exclusion from financial, social, and knowledge networks. How can indigenous communities benefit from and contribute to the growing world of ‘impact finance’ and more traditional finance? How can this be done in a non-colonial manner that builds on and respects their unique assets? The panel will address these questions and highlight incredible impact investments opportunities that Indigenous communities are leading.

Featured Speakers & Facilitators

more coming soon!

Venue & Travel


Flying into Vancouver: Vancouver (YVR) is the closest airport to Whistler.  (We recommend arriving on January 30th to participate in the morning activities in Vancouver on January 31st, followed by shuttles up to Whistler!)

  • Be well-rested for the pre-AGG events happening in Vancouver on the morning of the 31st by staying in the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver on Tuesday, January 30th with your exclusive Toniic group discount!  Here is a link that has been especially made for Toniic members to book online:


Nita Lake Lodge – 2131 Lake Placid Rd, Whistler, BC V0N 1B2, Canada

Book your accommodations directly with Nita Lake Lodge:

Book your AGG18 room today!  All rooms at Nita Lake Lodge are currently reserved for our group’s use on Wednesday and Thursday nights, but we can only hold this block for a couple more weeks!  Please book your room by November 30th by contacting the Lodge directly by phone (1-888-755-6482) or email ( and mentioning that you are with the Toniic group.

If you are interested in staying in Whistler for the informal “stay and play” day with other members on Saturday: Nita Lake Lodge is now sold out on Friday and Saturday night, so we recommend using these links to find other accommodation in Whistler for Friday night onward:


Awarded the #2 Resort in Canada by Condé Nast Traveler!

Did you know Nita Lake Lodge grows its own herbs and vegetables in its rooftop garden? Along with being luxurious, award-winning, and in a stunning location, this hotel has a long list of green initiatives. We can’t think of a better location for us to gather together to explore Living An Impactful Life!

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