APPENDIX: Acknowledgements

A Collaborative Project

This E-Guide was made possible by a grant to the Toniic Institute from the Rockefeller Foundation. We especially thank Margot Brandenburg and Brinda Ganguly for their support and guidance.

The Toniic Institute commissioned CASE i3 to help create this E-Guide in early 2012. The guide is a co-creation of Cathy Clark, Director of CASE i3, Lisa Kleissner, Co-Founder of Toniic, Morgan Simon, Co-Founder and CEO of Toniic from inception through May 2013, and Stephanie Cohn Rupp, CEO of Toniic from June 2013. Bonny Moellenbrock, Executive Director of Investors’ Circle, co-authored the regional guide to investing in the US.

Content and Editorial Contributors

We want to thank the consultants, Toniicmembers, peer investors and intermediaries around the globe who shared their research,
wisdom and editorial expertise to bring this document to fruition.
Tony Berkley, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Suzanne Biegel, ClearlySo
Francois de Borchgrave, Kois Invest
Deborah Burand, University of Michigan Law School
Bruce Campbell, Blue Dot Advocates
Tony Carr, Halloran Philanthropies
David del Ser, Frogtek
Stuart Davidson, Sonen Capital
Miguel Duhalt, Adobe Capital
Daniel Etra, Rethink Autism
Sean Foote, Labrador Ventures
John Fullerton, Capital Institute
Nina Gene, Jasmine Social Investments
Miguel Granier, Invested Development
Randy Goldstein, Energy Entrepreneur
Taryn Goodman, RSF Social Finance
Rachel Hamburg, Researcher, Interviewer and Editor
Al Hammond, Healthpoint Services
Chloe Holderness, Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation
Nikolaus Hutter, Toniic Managing Director for Europe
Shalaka Joshi, Toniic Managing Director for South Asia
Oliver Karius, LGT Venture Philanthropy
Charly Kleissner, Toniic Co-Founder, KL Felicitas Foundation
John Kohler, Santa Clara University, Toniic Co-Founder
Naveen Krishna, SMV Wheels
Jessamyn Lau, Peery Foundation
En Lee, formerly of Impact Investment
Exchange Asia (IIX)
Chid Liberty, Liberty & Justice
Andy Lower, formerly of Eleos Foundation
Josh Mailman, Sirius Change Investments
Kelly Michel, Potencia Ventures
Ian Meyer, Investment Consultant
Bonny Meyer, Meyer Family Enterprises
Sean Moore, Acumen
Rhett Moris, Endeavor
Bob Pattillo, Gray Ghost and First Light Ventures
Liesbet Peeters, D. Capital Partners
Ben Powell, Agora Partnerships
Tamzin Ractliffe, NEXII
Jonathan Ruybalid, Blue Dot Advocates
Tabreez Verjee, Serial Entrepreneur
Ritu Verma, Ankur Capital
Shawn Westcott, Impact Invest Scandinavia
Martin Whittaker, Sonen Capital
Eva Helena Yazhari, Beyond Capital Fund

At CASE i3 at Duke University, current and alumni MBA students worked on the guide Toniic E-Guide to Early-Stage Global Impact Investing Fall 2013 67 as part of the CASE i3 Fellowship, and we are grateful for their help and hard work.
Nicole Thompson, CASE i3 Fellow
Lila Cruikshank, CASE i3 Fellow
Michelle Kirby, CASE i3 Fellow
Ha Le, CASE i3 Fellow
Ian Cain
Nicolas Monroy
Frederico Rizzo
Jessica Sawhney
Whitney Young
Summer Interns: Masha Lisak, Ha Le
Project Consultant: Beth Bafford
Research Associate: Craig Moxley

Photo and Graphic Credits:
Drake Socie, Drake Socie Design
Lisa Kleissner, Photos on page 26, 33 and 34
Glenna Gordon, Liberty and Justice Photos

ISBN: 978-0-615-92451