What We Do

The Toniic community invests across asset class. Our members invest anywhere from a portion to 100% of their investable assets, The 100% IMPACT Network – a global peer-to-peer network of asset owners intentionally committing 100% of their investible assets to impact – is a logical and exciting evolution of Toniic enabled by a global growth in dealflow and investor conviction. Please visit 100% IMPACT Network page for more information.

Toniic provides its members with a powerful suite of investor tools giving easy access to impact investment opportunities, process support, best practices, innovative global forums, and an expert peer group. Toniic members receive all the advantages of the highest touch investor networks in traditional investment sectors. Toniic also supports social entrepreneurs and impact fund managers by providing quality feedback and support through interaction with our network of investors, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs.

We empower impact investors by:

  • Providing Access to Global Deal Flow: Impact investors seek a broad spectrum of returns and impacts. Some desire concessionary financial returns; others seek market-plus returns. Some investors commit to a specific mission focus, such as education or health care, while others embrace a broader agenda. Toniic supports multiple perspectives with the belief that our member’s exploration is critical to building a healthy, diverse eco-system. Regardless of preferences, every member has the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of financial, social and environmental deal flow, both domestic and international. Deals are tracked through Gust – a member access only, easy to use deal tracking software
  • Co-creating Best Practice Tools to inform both investor and enterprise development. Supported by Toniic’s expert staff and member roster, Side-Bar Working Groups, Impact U, Global gatherings targeting solution-oriented conversations, and more are writing the next chapter of impact in a global context.

We are Member-Informed and Member-Driven

  • Members and entrepreneurs share deals, strategies, analysis and more on a monthly basis, connecting either in person in San Francisco, Seattle, London, Amsterdam, Oslo, Vancouver and Mumbai or logging in via video conferencing. Members interact directly with each other, our expert staff and entrepreneurs and fund managers, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Deals are champion-led by one or more members (but never staff or Board members).
  • Members provide global first-hand knowledge of potential investments through site visits and investment monitoring.
  • 100% IMPACT Network members access unique learning and collaboration resources empowering their pioneering move to 100% impact. See more at this link.
  • A Members-Only communication platform allows direct sharing of ideas, deals, work-product and more. With one click members communicate with all or select members based on their investment interests.

Toniic Impact Forum is a committed, ongoing group of 6 – 10 Toniic members who meet regularly to support one another in deepening the impact of their lives. While the common denominator of a Toniic Impact Forum is impact investing, the subjects explored include the whole person, encompassing issues arising in their business endeavors, romantic relationships, with their children or parents, or even their spiritual lives. While the Forum model is inspired by YPO, we have adapted it for the different circumstances of a global impact investing network.