APPENDIX: About Toniic

toniicToniic provides its members with a powerful suite of investor tools giving easy access to quality deals, process support, education, and a global expert peer group. Investing out of their own accounts, Toniic members receive all the advantages of angel networks in traditional investment sectors. Toniic also supports social entrepreneurs by providing quality feedback and support through interaction with our global network of investors and dealflow
partners, many of whom are experienced entrepreneurs. For “less talk, more Toniic”, follow us on Twitter.

The Toniic Institute is a 501 (c) 3 managing our work on research and advocacy in the impact investment field. Toniic Institute’s mission is to make relevant original knowledge and materials available for impact investors in order to broaden the field of impact investing and deepen understanding amongst impact investors and social entrepreneurs. Our members and board advocate for impact investing by leveraging their skills and the resources of the network in their work in capacity building programs for entrepreneurs, impact investing workshops for investors, panel and keynote presentations at conferences all over the globe, and active participation in policy discussions both at the local and global level.

Research currently publicly available includes: