The T100 Project is a multi-year study of the portfolios of over 75 Toniic 100% Impact Network members. It reveals new insights about the various paths towards and feasibility of 100% impact investing. The T100 Project includes periodic reports, videos and podcasts, and the Toniic Diirectory, a peer-sourced directory of over 1,600 impact investments across all asset classes.

The latest T100 release includes Powered Ascent – Insights from the Frontier of Impact Investing 2018.




Toniic Diirectory:

The Toniic Diirectory is an online searchable directory launching with over 1,600 impact investments across all asset classes sourced from the portfolios of Toniic members, especially 100% Impact Network participants, and other catalytic organizations in the impact ecosystem.

NEW – ImpactAssets uploaded more than 200 Impact Investments to the Toniic Diirectory.  See our Press Release for more details.



Toniic Impact Portfolio Tool:

The Toniic Impact Portfolio Tool is an Excel-based tool that enables impact investors to document the interrelationships between asset classes and the impact of a portfolio of investments.

“Once you see this is possible (aligning capital and values) and this is the path, how can you continue to close your eyes and invest in any other way?” 

T100 Participant, Lital Slavin

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More About T100

The lack of compelling quantitative and qualitative data points, case studies, and meaningful impact stories have been cited as the primary reasons impact investors, traditional investors and intermediaries stay on the sidelines. Toniic’s T100 Project contributes to a growing body of work from the field of impact investing aimed at solving these challenges. By embarking on this project Toniic seeks to:

  • Inspire and enable others to explore and accelerate their impact investing journeys;
  • Demonstrate to financial advisory firms and product providers that there is a significant and growing market for impact products and services; and
  • Empower the research community with access to data to start exploring systemic issues such as sustainable risk factors, the availability and accessibility of specific impact themes within each asset class, and how best to incorporate externality pricing into security valuation and analysis.

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Brad Michaels, Founder, SociaLab
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